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Portable Water Purifier by NUFiltarion

NUF™ units are simple, robust and compact. Power free, they are self-contained multi-purpose mini systems with the ability to produce pure drinking water from contaminated sources under almost any circumstances.  

These units are available for purchase on their own or as part of an emergency recovery package customised by EMALTE for your particular requirements.  We will support you with expert technical advice and after sales service

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EMALTE has been appointed as the Australian Distributor of the NUFiltration Units.

NUF is a revolutionary new way to provide clean drinking water at an extremely competitive cost.

NUF™ Drinking Water Solutions:

Hand Pump

Autonomous units activated by hand-pumps (up to 0.5 m3/hr capacity) – no electricity needed

Fully Automated

Fully automated units with electrical pumps (connection to the grid or generator)

Solar Powered

Solar- energy fully automated self-sustainable powered units (0.5-10 m3/hr)  


  • Emergency response Kits

  • Drinking water production in remote areas​

  • River water purification for villages, towns, remote communities 

  • Best RO desalination pre-treatment units: 


  • Compact water treatment systems, skid mounted in a "plug-and-play" modular mode, from 0.5 to 1000 m3/hr capacity

  • The NUF® systems efficiently remove suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, viruses and organic matters from surface (lake, river, pond, etc.) and/or borehole water in one single pass

  • Compact and modular – reduced footprint 

  • Affordable installation cost

  • Risible operational cost

"As soon as you start to pump the water from the river you immediately get clean water to drink, and that was like a miracle for the people"    Omi Cohen NUF Technical Manager

NUF™ Effluent Water Solutions:

NUF™ units are perfectly fitted and specially designed to smoothly transform secondary effluents into Class A effluents, suitable for unrestricted irrigation and recycling.

The NUF® systems remove suspended solids, pathogens, parasites and organic matters from secondary effluents in one single pass, thanks to the 0.03 µ absolute filtration rate of the NUF® membranes.


Raw water enters the system at low pressure while the purification process takes place by simple mechanical size exclusion on the membranes – without use of chemical, thermal or biological treatment. 95%-98% of the secondary effluent is treated, while the pollutants are expelled during periodical backwashes.



  • Compact and fully automated effluent upgrading UF units, skid mounted in a "plug-and-play" modular mode, from 5 to 1000 m3/hr capacity

  • Premium Class A effluent water quality (E-coli < 1; NTU < 1; TSS < 3; 5-6 log reduction of Viruses)

  • Breakdown of suspended BOD and COD; partial removal of dissolved BOD and COD

  • Drastically reduces Chlorine consumption for down-the-line disinfection purposes 

  • Compact and modular – reduced footprint 

  • Affordable installation cost

  • Risible operational cost

  • Unrestricted Irrigation (vegetables, parks, etc.)

  • Water recycling to industrial uses (cooling towers, process water, etc.)

  • Effluents disposal into nature

  • Pre-treatment to effluent desalination

NUF Water Purification Solutions