WS Mok Head of M&E Dept

Northern Electrified Double Track Project at MMC-Gamuda JV Pte Ltd October 15, 2012

Mark Wolf is an expert in integrating the flood forecasting system (we call it Flood Detection System - FDS). He and his team of dedicated engineers had worked together with me to produce a very high quality, state of the art SCADA system which is so robust and reliable that it has been successfully and consistently prevented Kuala Lumpur CBD from flooding since the commissioning of the SMART Tunnel in 2007.

Juliati Widjaja

President Director PT Gistec Prima Jakarta, Indonesia ​ July 6, 2017

Mark Wolf, Chris Goding, Peter Johnston and John Doolan have all worked on joint projects in Indonesia with my company PT Gistec Prima. Starting right back in 1998 with the Flood Forecasting and Warning System for the Kotapanjang Hydro Electric Power Scheme through to the Jakarta Flood Warning System. These men are all experts in their respective fields, are highly professional and highly regarded by PT Gistec Prima staff and the Government clients and consultants for who the projects were jointly delivered. The sophisticated systems they designed and constructed are still in use today with the Jakarta Flood Warning System so important for the protection of lives in Jakarta CBD and surrounding areas. We are proud to be associated with the Team at EMALTE and look forward to delivering many more projects together in Indonesia.

Ir. David Welch

Director/Consultant Irrigation & Infrastructure [1992-2008] Sepakat Setia Perunding Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mark is an asset to work with.  He is undaunted in a challenging situation.  He thinks out of the box and finds solutions when there are no precedents.  This particular skill was most useful when developing the Flood Detection System (FDS) for the operation of the dual purpose Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  The FDS component of the Project was crucial for effective and safe operation of the tunnel.  Mark led in the design of the system and the team that assembled and commissioned it at site. His dedication ‘to make things work’ augured the way to the group’s success. 

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