Negotiations in Indonesia

July 10, 2018

Eventhough you have been invited to be part of a brand new dam build, it still requires a great proposal, on-site visit, meetings with the Dam Owner and engineering team and many other hurdles and trials along the way.


On a recent visit to West Java, such negotiations started with a site visit to the brand new Kuningan Dam where a new proposed Emalte early warning system is to be located. 


Then its onto the board room to go through the proposal in detail and negotiate some of the finer points with the Dam Owners.



At the end of the day we got the thumbs up from the Engineers and Dam Owner so its now back to the drawing board at Bonville to finalise the design specs and get this new system built.


The Kuningan Dam has the capacity to irrigate 3,000 hectares of rice fields in Kuningan Regency and in Brebes Regency, Central Java.  Kuningan Dam has a reservoir area reaching 221.59 hectares with a capacity to hold 25 million cubic metres of water.  The Dam will also supply as much as 300 litres per second of raw water to 300 thousand families. These families will also be depending on the Emalte Early Warning system to monitor dam inflow and warn them of any imminent risks as a result of overflow or dam break.   A significant consideration in the design of this and other dam water monitoring and early warning systems is to also take into account the environmental impact of megastructures of this size.


If you wanted to find out more about designing for large scale projects or indeed negotiating with an international clientelle, Mark is always happy to have a chat to answer questions or give insights for your project.


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