Indonesia Large Dams Symposium, Lombok

July 10, 2018

Instrumentation and Telemetry for monitoring water levels to enable flood Early warnings, centralised control and Mass Public Notification,  were the key points Mark Wolf recently brought to the Indonesia Large Dam Symposium in Indonesia.  Mark's presentation focused on 'Dam Safety and its impact on the Global Environment'. 


Marks presentation was very highly acclaimed and was amongst the Indonesian Expertise awarded a special award for their work and dedication to ongoing improvements in Dam Safety.


Mark was invited to present to in excess of 1000 representatives from the Indonesian Public Works Department and National Electricity Corporation (PLN) . Primarily because of his track record in the design of Dam Safety and Flood Early Warning Systems across Indonesia and globally for the past 30 years, but also because of the new Services and Dam Safety Solutions that Emalte are currently bringing to the industry.   The updated solution desiged by Emalte include:

  • Full integration with existing dam management systems

  • water level monitoring from many many aspects

  • full contingency

  • environmentally responsible - off shoots redirectec for irrigation

  • Emalte ES-Intra_BS1000 - unprecedented box full of great bits

  • Radio Transmittion - WIFI - Satellite

  • State of the Art Fully Remote SCADA based Remote Management 

  • Giant Sirens - to Alert Inform and Direct public downstream to SAVE LIVES


As a result, the emalte team are busy getting proposals together for new projects,  project managing and building solutions for won projects.   We are also very excited for the new partnerships and collaborations emerging with companies and other world leaders in Early Warning Systems as Whelen America, SCADA EasySCADA,  NZ and our team of expert Australian Engineers.


Watch this space for ongoing progress, projects and more representations on a Global Level.


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