Early Warning System for Dams and other Emergencies

May 24, 2018


The Team at Emalte have extensive past experience, and are currently working on Flood Early Warning Systems for Dams in Indonesia and Australia.  The purpose of a Flood Early Warning System for a Dam is to alert decision makers and the public in the event of:

  • Extra-ordinary rainfall in the catchment resulting in higher than usual inflow into a Dam and river system impacting dam and public safety

  • Warnings given to the public if unexpected releases necessary for the safety of a dam causing sudden increases in river level downstream 

  • River flows breaking the banks and inundating surrounding areas


Mark Wolf, Emalte CEO believes “The most effective way to warn the public in an emergency is to issue a siren tone followed by a clear and powerful pre-recorded or live P.A. voice message. It is proven that this approach:


eliminated confusion, restores order and most importantly, SAVES LIVES!


Audible tones ALERT the public and gain their attention

Pre-recorded messages INFORM as to the reason for the

ALERT Public Address announcements provide DIRECTION

These same principals, equipment and technology are now being used for warning  the Public to other potentially disastrous scenarios:

  • Tsunami

  • Fire

  • Earthquake

  • Cyclone

  • Extreme weather

  • Shark Alerts

  • Terrorist threat


When lives are on the line only the best will do which is why the warning system pictured is a typical design installed by Emalte, comprising the Whelen WPS2905 complete with solar power and warning lights.  


So what makes this a great system: 

  • The sounding radius of this system is a conservative 1.3 kilometers at 70db allowing for 10dB background noise.

  • Power is deep discharge long life batteries which will maintain operations for up to 7 days without AC power. Modern systems are DC powered so the batteries can be kept charged using solar power or fuel cell power.

  • The telemetry equipment (installed in the cabinet to the left of the frame) provides the operators with up to date information on the status of the system including: · Amplifier and speaker condition · Power supply (AC ON/OFF) · Low battery voltage · Security

  • The system can be tested silently either locally or remotely.


If you would like to find out more about Emalte's custom designed solutions, and the Public Warning equipment we use, get in touch with Mark Wolf (CEO) he is always delighted to have a chat and give you some insights into what would work for you.


Tel:      1800 66 99 80 within Australia


            61 402 432 472 outside Australia


email: mark.wolf@emalte.com

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