7 essentials of an Outdoor Warning System

May 23, 2018


It has been proven time after time that the most effective way to notify the largest number of people in the shortest possible time is via electronic warning alerts and announcements.


Electronic warning systems first alert the public via a fit for purpose warning tone followed immediately by a professionally engineered pre-recorded voice announcement. The content of the announcement informing the public of the nature of the alert and importantly to provide instructions and directions. The proven impact and results of the voice announcement(s) being: elimination of any confusion as to the reason for the alert order is maintained Additional alerts and messages throughout an event enable the public to be well informed.


When lives are on the line, a properly engineered mass notification system for outdoor warning should comprise of the following 7 essentials.


7 Essentials Required for an Early Warning System


  1. World Class Hardware: The materials used must be designed for long life and harsh coastal conditions

    • Speaker materials: designed to stand up to moisture, salt and wind Electronics cabinets: superior to stainless steel which will corrode in coastal environments.

    • Speaker design: omni-direction aero-dynamic design to allow for high wind conditions.

    • Speaker drivers and amplifiers for alert tone broadcast and 5Voice Announcements.

    • Speaker column mounting hardware 

    • Visual ALERT – is included to provide both visual And audio alerts.

    • Power Supply - The System must operate from a DC power supply. 

    • Stong Outcasings on Speaker Cable

  2. Silent Testing: Perhaps one of the most important features is the ability of the system to conduct silent testing.

  3. Confirmation of Broadcasts: Included in EMALTE designed systems is a device to confirm that the Outdoor warning system has functioned. This is known as a “Sound Collector”.

  4. Speech Intelligibility:  needs to come with Speech Intelligibility Certification.

  5. Noon- Day Testing:  To inform locals and visitors that the area is equipped with an emergency warning system. 

  6. Interconnectable: to various telemetry systems

  7. Sound Pressure Level:  Able to calculate these levels


Emalte only use USA manufactured Whelen WPS2900 series mass notification devices.  These devices are effective, robust and reliable, designed for harsh conditions and extreme events – note the aerodynamic design of the speakers and the solid mounting plate that attaches the speakers to the pole.



In addition to the mass notification equipment Emalte also provide both enterprise and cloud based SCADA applications for the management of networks of electronic warning systems.  SCADA can also trigger SMS and email alerts.


If you would like to discuss your requirements for a Public / Mass Notification Warning System please contact:




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