A Man of Vision - Dr. Suyono Sosrodarsono - founder of Water Resource Management in Indonesia

September 23, 2017


Earlier this week I had the privilege to both present at a seminar hosted by the Indonesian Committee for Large Dams (KNI-BB) and to spend time with the founding Father of Water Resource Management in Indonesia: Dr Suyono Sosrodarsono. Dr Suyono is now 91, he is still a Senior Advisor to the Foundation of the Pancasila University and advocate for Water Resource Engineering. Since retiring in 1988, Dr Suyono has witnessed the transformation within Indonesia with regard to Water Resource Engineering including the construction of multiple dams for hydro-power, water supply for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes. While Western Nations procrastinate re infrastructure projects countries such as Indonesia make progress to ensure that the needs of the people are met.

Thanks to visionaries such as Dr Suyono (who received his Doctorate from DELFT) there is now a large number of water resource engineers in Indonesia.


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