A "Masterpiece of Creative Genius"

September 17, 2017


Registered in 2009 and hailed as a ‘masterpiece of creative genius‘ by UNESCO, this ancient irrigation system dates back to Darius the Great in the 5th century BC. It consists of two main diversion canals on the Karun River, which supply the city of Shushtar (located in southern Iran) with water through a series of tunnels. Water cascades out of these tunnels into the basin which then flows onto the plain land for orchards and farming areas. Other engineering structures of this ensemble include bridges, dams, and water mills. It is a fine example of the knowledge of Mesopotamians alongside the influence of Roman engineering.


A number of our Team members were fortunate to visit Shushtar while delivering water related projects for the Khuzestan Power and Water Authority, works included: design and installation of water quality and flood warning systems for the Karun River and associated dams. 


Imagine what King Darius and his team could achieve if equipped with the technology of the 21st Century!

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