Hydro Power in Indonesia

September 15, 2017

During the late 90's and early 2000's the Indonesia Government built multiple hydro power schemes to deliver power during peak demand time. The dam below is the Regulating Dam of the Sipan Sihaporas Hydro Electric Power Scheme. This  Dam builds capacity during the night and day with power generated in the late afternoon evening. There are 2 tunnels and 2 Power Stations.

The upstream catchment area is pristine and beautiful with waterfalls, wildlife and amazing scenery



The senior team members of EMALTE designed and constructed the Inflow Forecasting and Warning System. Shown above is one of the many log bridges used to access our upper catchment gauging stations! Note the laptop bag and equipment under arm! This project presented many challenges including ensuring our VHF radio system could reliably communicate with the remote gauging stations, the Dam Control House, 2 Power Stations and 6 Public Warning Stations. Many time staff would comment: "How privileged are we to work in such a beautiful location and on such an amazing project". 



To learn more about our expertise with the design and installation of inflow forecasting/ flood forecasting and warning systems please contact our Principal Consultant, Mark Wolf at: mark.wolf@emalte.com 



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