Flood Problem Solved!

September 13, 2017



EMALTE Team Member Peter Johnston stands inside the 12 m diameter SMART Tunnel. The Tunnel is 9.7 km long and includes a 3 km dual level road tunnel running inside the stormwater tunnel. The SMART Tunnel can store stormwater equivalent to a 1:100 year event thus protecting the City of Kuala Lumpur from flash flooding. Winner of multiple awards including: British Construction Industry: World's Best International Project, and the United Nations: Habitat Medallion, the SMART Tunnel has reportedly saved Kuala Lumpur City Centre from flooding close to 30 times since commissioning in 2008.




With flooding an ever increasing threat to mankind it would be great to see other Nations follow the lead of the Malaysian Government and commission world leading experts to develop innovative solutions to solve flood related issues. SMART addresses the Kuala Lumpur City Centre flood threat and assists with alleviating traffic congestion all in the one scheme!  


Interestingly the economic evaluation included an assessment of the impact on GDP as a result of flooding, the outcome proving it was economically viable to undertake such a massive project. 


EMALTE has recently completed the first stage of it's 2 year contract to manage the SMART Flood Detection System SCADA system and is proud to continue it's association with such an amazing engineering feat! It's now more than 10 years since our specialists worked on the original EPC contract.


To learn more about SMART and our expertise with flood forecasting and warning please contact our Principal Consultant, Mark Wolf, who will be delighted assist you: email mark at: mark.wolf@emalte.com or phone: +61 402 432 472.



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