EMALTE attracting attention Overseas.

August 18, 2017

EMALTE's to provide solution to deal with increasing challenges faced in water monitoring and flood early warning solutions.

EMALTE is expanding its reach by partnering with leading engineering companies in: Latin American, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa to provide professional services and solutions to deal with the increasing challenges being faced in Water Monitoring and Flood Early Warning solutions.


We have been invited to provide customised solutions for flood early warning including the engineering, procurement and construction of: Catchment Monitoring Networks, Control Room Infrastructure and Software applications and the roll out of  Mass Notification systems based on Whelen Engineering Electronic Warning System products from the USA.


Whilst we are very excited to have been recognised for our expertise in flood early warning, once our Partner Companies became aware of the commitment of EMALTE and the solutions EMALTE provides in relation to plastic pollution and environmental clean-up, they are now interested in extending their portfolios to provide an integrated solution for their respective Nations plastic waste problem using the world first Pacific Collective SHRUDER (waste plastic shredder and extruder), and water contamination and availability issues with another amazing new product EMALTE are representing, a new generation Israeli designed Water Filtration unit.


For more information call Mark on Free Call: 1800 66 99 80, International: +61 402 432 472.



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