EMALTE Team find solution for 'Shruder' issues

August 18, 2017


EMALTE's Team of experts have addressed two of the most important product development issues faced by the "Shruder":




Pictured above is Mark Wolf and and SiClean Energy engineer Dave, inspecting the new electrical panel which has resulted in the Shruder now being able to shred and extrude twice the output as before.
The Shruder is at SiClean Energy undergoing power testing with green energy as it source.
This is in preparation for deployment of the Shruder in remote locations where there is no access to power.
These were two of the most important product development issues the Shruder was facing,  solved by EMALTE Team Members.

We measure water quality - we clean up waste plastic and remanufacture - and we are working on being able to provide low cost clean water technology for those most in need!


For more information call Mark on Free Call: 1800 66 99 80 , International: +61 402 432 472,



"Shruder" with new electric panel and solar backdrop

The "Shruder" has been designed by Louise Hardman of Pacific Plastic to shred plastic waste and then use the plastic waste to extrude filament.​​



"Having lived and worked in many developing nations where plastic waste is abundant and discarded waste is the direct cause of significant environmental damage it is a privilege for us to work on such a worthwhile project. "  Mark Wolf, CEO EMALTE


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