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Kuala Lumpur SMART Tunnel: Flood Detection and Stormwater Management System

Our Principal Consultant, Mark Wolf, was privileged to be involved with the design of the world famous Kuala Lumpur SMART Tunnel Flood Detection and Stormwater Management System right from day one! Mark's Team of experts, including EMALTE team members: Peter Johnston and John Doolan delivered what was to become the Malaysia showpiece. The SMART Tunnel receiving the prestigious, British Construction Industry, World's Best International Project in 2008 along with many other awards and accolades including the United Nations Habitat Medallion in 2011. So why is SMART so special and what did Mark and his Team deliver?

The SMART Tunnel is the first combined stormwater diversion system in the world that incorporates a road tunnel within the main stormwater tunnel. Added to this is the ability of the Flood Control Centre operators to utilise the traffic tunnels for additional stormwater storage in major flash flood events.

Mark's team delivered a complete flash flood monitoring and forecasting system complete with:

  • 28 remote monitoring station including: rainfall, water level and water velocity monitoring

  • Triple redundant measurement systems for tunnel water pressure monitoring 

  • Redundant communications systems for both monitoring and control

  • A complete Control Room system with redundant servers and communications and fail safe power supply

  • Data acquisition, management, forecasting and user interface software

  • Control systems for gate and pump control

  • Remote CCTV technology for real time viewing of  critical locations throughout the City and SMART infrastructure

The delivery of the system requiring a complete understanding of each and every aspect of the design of a sophisticated system that is essential for the safe operation of the SMART Tunnel and for protecting the lives of the people of Kuala Lumpur.

The ability to successfully complete this project coming from many years of experience gained through delivering similar but less complex projects in developing nations and harsh conditions and most importantly having the right people as Team members.

EMALTE is now back working on the SMART Flood Detection System providing SCADA support through to 2019.

Team Members: Mark, Peter, Chris, John