SCADA RealScada

The EMALTE Emergency Management System is a fully customisable platform built on off the shelf commercially available products. Designed based on the principle of ALERT-INFORM-DIRECT the systems are ideally suited for all forms of public warning.


The system is scalable and can be easily expanded. Standard features include remote control of Whelen WPS2900 series mass notification equipment including activation of: alert tones, pre-recorded messages, visual alerts, silent tests, noon-day tests and monitoring of Whelen WPS2900 diagnostics. Our purpose built “sound collectors” confirm system operation, power supply condition and enclosure security switches are both remotely monitored..


Communications options include: HF, VHF and UHF radio (frequency hopping where anti-jam is required), GSM and satellite. We supply all base station hardware, repeater station equipment and IT components. For indoor systems we provide Whelen IPS400/800 equipment which can include explosion proof loudspeakers for hazardous environments.


The application software is delivered pre-installed on a choice of server configurations. The software features easy to use map based architecture. The map interface providing easy access to the various menus for configuration, monitoring and control.