Our Services

We operate globally and offer our individual and collective expertise and experience to ensure that regardless of type, size or complexity of your project your requirements are met with the best possible solution.

Custom Designed Solution:

We deliver fully functioning, tested assets that are built using world best technology, designed using our proven expertise and experience and are guaranteed to give many years of trouble-free operations if maintained in accordance with the provided operation and maintenance procedures.  Regardless of the size of your project, when you choose our Custom Designed Solution, we:

  • Prepare specifications for new systems

  • Design systems in accordance with supplied specifications

  • Procure and integrate the hardware components

  • Prepare the software applications

  • Factory Test the integrated system

  • Design and construct the infrastructure

  • Install the integrated system

  • Test and Commission

  • Train the operators

  • Provide ongoing support.

Products with Installation Support 

If our involvement in your project only involves the provision and installation of products and equipment this is a solution we are fully equipped to provide.


You can rely on our engineering team to guide you in selecting and ordering appropriate equipment and can provide documentation and training to assist with installation and setup.


Emalte are the Master Distributor for Whelen Mass Notification (USA) and HHS (Denmark) products and services in Australasia. 

Products Only

Emalte, as the Master Distributor for Whelen Mass Notification (USA) and HHS (Denmark) products and services in Austral-asia will be your first point of contact when sourcing any equipment in the region.

If you are a more experienced installer, you can simply contact Mark Wolf directly for a quote and delivery schedule, and leave the logistics to us.