Emalte Dam Safety Solution

Emalte's Inflow, Water Level & Dam Structure Monitoring Systems ensure that critical data is continuously being recorded and transmitted back to a central monitoring & control system.  This ensures Dam Operators are fully informed and can provide early warning of impending danger to on-site personnel and to the public. 

Emalte's Dam Safety Solution ensures Dam Operators can:

Make informed decisions regarding the operation of the Dam.    ​


Alert officials to potential safety risks.  


Activate a downstream warning system in the event of potential significant rises in upstream water levels that may or will present a risk to public safety.

Emalte's Dam Safety Solution comprises the following systems:

Part 1 Catchment

Catchment Hydrological Monitoring System: 


Our team of Engineers and Hydrologists examine the typography of the catchment and determine the appropriate number of water level and rainfall measuring stations, in accordance with forecast accuracy and lead time

Equipment Involved

1. Automatic Rainfall Reader  (ARR)

Options: Automatic Tipping Bucket measures rainfall

2. Automatic Water Level Recorder (AL-131 Series)

Options: AL-131-BS | AL-131-RS | . AL-131-FS

Measures water levels in streams and rivers upstream

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Full Catchment Monitoring Solution

Part 2 Dam Reservoir

Dam Structure Monitoring instrumentation


With water levels and rainfall being monitored upstream we now provide Dam Operators with real-time data related to reservoir water level meteorological parameters and dam structure measurements, including pore water pressure, water seepage and strong motion.   

Equipment Involved

1. Emalte Meteorological Station  (EMMET-100)

Includes ARR, but also measures other meteorological data

2. Automatic Water Level Recorder (AL-131 Series)

Options: AL-131-BS | AL-131-RS | . AL-131-FS

Measures water levels in streams and rivers upstream

3. Dam Structure Instrumentation 

  • V-Notch Seepage Weirs

  • Strong Motion recorder (tri-axial type with GPS)

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer - Pore Water Pressure Recording

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Dam Structure Instrumentation

 Full Dam Structure

Monitoring Solution

Part 3 Downstream

Emergency Public Warning System


The Emalte solution includes world class hardware and software to ensure that if required the dam operator can initiate the public warning system which is based on Alert Inform and Direct.  That is an audible tone to Alert ; a pre-recorded voice message to Inform; and live PA announcements to Direct, thus eliminating confusion and maintaining order.

This video explains how our Emergency Public Warning Systems work.

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Emergency & Public Warning Equipment

The Emalte Emergency Warning Systems can be used for multiple applications, including Dam Breaks, Tsunami Warnings, Shark Alerts, Terrorist Threats and any other emergency situation where immediate warning needs to be initiated to 'Alert Inform and Direct' as many people as possible . See more about our Emergency Warning Systems

Part 4 Control Centre

Supervisory and Data Acquisition Systems 


Emalte provide a range of data management solutions for many scenarios 

  • Cloud Based Solution - Eagle.io provides a simple solution for less complex installations 

  • Integrated off the shelf solution - we can integrate purpose built software especially for Emergency Warning Systems 

  • SCADA Engineered Solutions - for more complex installations we provide fully customised SCADA ClearSCADA integration.

Equipment Involved

  1. Eagle.io Cloud based systems

  2. SCADA ClearSCADA software 

  3. Centralert Software

  4. User Interactive Screens

  5. Alarms and Alerts

  6. Radio Telemetry Base Station

  7. Internet Connectivity

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SCADA Clear Scada



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