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Our Services

We offer our individual and collective expertise and experience to ensure that whatever you are seeking to achieve in relation to water and atmospheric monitoring is possible.


Customised Expertise Services

  • Professional advice relating to instrumentation and equipment best suited to meet your needs 

  • Preparation of technical documentation including tender specifications and CAD drawings

  • System design including civil, mechanical, electrical and software components

  • Project and Contract management

  • Engineer, procure and construction (EPC) 

  • Evaluation of existing systems and recommended upgrades

  • Assistance with delivering international projects

Deliver fully functioning, tested assets that are built using world best technology, designed using our proven expertise and experience and are guaranteed to give many years of trouble free operations if maintained in accordance with the provided operation and maintenance procedures. Specifically we:


  • Prepare specifications for new systems

  • Design systems in accordance with supplied specifications

  • Procure and integrate the hardware components

  • Prepare the software applications

  • Factory Test the integrated system

  • Design and construct the infrastructure

  • Install the integrated system

  • Test and Commission

  • Train the operators

  • Provide ongoing support.


We operate globally.