Our Products, Services and specific areas of Expertise can be applied in the following situations:

Early Warning Systems - General


Early Warning Systems provide advance warning of emergency events whether man made or natural.  We design and install early warning systems to alert the public of:


  • Flooding

  • Earthquakes

  • Landslides

  • Tsunamis

  • Severe weather (tornado, cyclone)

  • Tidal surges

  • Bushfires

  • Terrorist threats

We supply the necessary hardware to enable integrators to build warning systems. We are the Master Distributor of Whelen Engineering Mass Notification products .


The Whelen systems can be used for:

  • Indoor warning (PAGA)

  • Outdoor warning (Mass Notification)

  • Civilian and Military applications


Our early warning systems can comprise the following components:


  • Measurement systems

  • Remote vision (PTZ cameras)

  • Telemetry and communications

  • Renewable energy (solar, fuel cell, hybrid) for remote power

  • Control room hardware and software applications

    • IT and server systems

    • Disaster recovery

    • SCADA software – data acquisition and user interface

    • Database, data management and storage

    • Forecast modelling

    • Web Portal

  • Public Alert mechanisms:

    • Electronic mass notification equipment (each station up to 1.8km sounding radius)

    • SMS and email


Early Warning Systems - Flood


Our flood early warning systems include:


  • Simple mass notification systems triggered based on information from third parties

  • Simple local warning stations triggered based on a water level measurement

  • More sophisticated systems which include:

    • Catchment monitoring networks

    • Dam release schedules

    • Meteorological forecasts

    • Telemetry and Communications

    • Control Room Systems

    • Forecast models

    • Mass Notification technologies

    • Operation of Flood Gates, Pumps and Barriers


We design and built the systems to meet your needs.  Our engineers will work with you to ensure the system meets your exact needs.


All of our Early Warning Systems are designed using equipment and software from:


  • Campbell Scientific - Australia

  • Whelen Engineering - USA

  • RMTek - Australia

  • Schneider Electric - Global

  • Aquatic Informatics - Canada

  • SI Clean Energy – Australia

  • Soil Instruments - UK

  • GeoSig – Switzerland

  • Mid Coast Telemetry - Australia

  • Other world leading suppliers



Dam Safety Systems:

Dam safety is about managing dams to a level of safety that minimises any risk to life, property, essential services and the environment. Our Dam Safety systems provide real-time data to enable intelligent logical decision making related to:


  • Reservoir level

  • Dam wall structural integrity

  • Outflow – both from spillways and hydropower station tailrace discharge


We design and construct:

  1. Upstream and downstream gauging station networks

  2. Water level gauges (reservoirs, header tanks, surge tanks, tailrace, seepage)

  3. Geotechnical monitoring systems including:

    1. instrumentation to measure:

      • Pore Pressure (piezometers)

      • Joint movement

      • Temperature (thermistors)

      • Stability (inclinometers)

      • Strong Motion (seismograph)

    2. Data logging and telemetry equipment

    3. Control room hardware and software including user interface

  4. Electronic warning systems to alert the dam operators and those downstream in the event of:

    • Inflow requiring unplanned releases

    • In the case of hydro power stations – alerts re planned river level rises

    • The possibility of dam failure

Environmental Monitoring Systems:


We design systems that will enable you to monitor:


  • Water

    • Level

    • Flow

    • Quality

    • Seepage

  • Atmospherics

  • Soil moisture

  • Noise and vibration

  • Tides and Wave climate

  • Site activities using our remote PTZ camera systems


We provide:

  • Instrumentation

  • Data logging and telemetry equipment

  • Renewable power systems

  • Data acquisition and display software – cloud based or enterprise software solutions

Warning Systems for Military:

Our warning systems for military applications include:


  • Whelen Engineering Mass Notification hardware

    • Indoor – PAGA

    • Outdoor – Mass Notification

      • Permanent

      • Semi-permanent

      • Transportable

  • RTU’s, anti-jam radio’s from Schneider

  • Ruggedised servers from Dell

  • EMALTE purpose built user interface

  • Renewable energy (solar, fuel cell, hybrid) from SI Clean Energy and SPC EFOY

Renewable Energy Systems:

We provide renewable energy systems for:


  • Mass Notification systems

  • Remote Camera

  • Gauging Stations

  • Telecommunications towers (BTS)

  • AC pumping

  • Homes and buildings

  • Solar Farming – Up to 2MW


Our engineers can design and built remote power solutions to meet your needs.